About us

BJ Designs is a specialist stage engineering company formed in 1998. Together, the two founders have over 85 years of expertise in the industry and offer unrivalled knowledge of stage equipment.

We pride ourselves in offering a great service to all our clients whatever the size of the project. Our team has the experience needed to help engineer both practical and cost-effective solutions, whilst maintaining the creative vision. As a client focused company, we can give you and your projects the attention they deserve, regardless of project size. We provide an enhanced level of service and create strong client relationships. Whatever the project, we always deliver the same standards.

We specialise in all types of equipment for theatres, concert halls, school performing arts centres, conference centres and TV studios.

We have experience in all forms of stage rigging from single and double purchase counterweighting systems, helical drum and pile winding winches, power flying systems, rigid and roller safety curtains, stage and auditorium elevators, seating wagons, stage curtain tracks and acoustic solutions.

Our design engineering services range from 2D and 3D CAD modelling, design automation including macro driven parametric modelling, iLogic and VB, net driven designs. These are created with risk assessment, hazard analysis and machinery design, including ISO 13849 and ISO 12100.

  • Concept design drafting
  • Detailed engineering drawings and 2D documentation
  • 3D solid and surface modelling
  • Prototype engineering
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Engineering analytics
  • Design automation

Our fabrication facilities offer laser cutting, folding, welding and complex assembly of both steel, stainless steel and aluminium products. Our 7000 sq/ft factory workshops complete with integrated overhead 10 Tonne crane, are equipped with manual/CNC mills and lathes. We offer MIG and TIG welding, punching and cropping, and manual folding and pressing facilities.

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